Ursula Pooley

Me Crazy
Rochester, NY

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Inspiring words.  A visual image.  Metal.  Vintage stones.  Two hands.  One “crazy” woman.  That woman is Ursula Pooley, owner and creative force behind Me Crazy Jewelry.  For over ten years, Pooley has been working from her home studio designing a full line of jewelry, complete with pins, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.  When inspiration strikes, new pieces are born and each year some retire.  Currently, ther are over 70 pieces available.

The creative process is fascinating and Pooley is full of detail and enthusiasm when she speaks about her work.  Surprisingly, it is oftentimes the words that first attract her attention.  She hears a saying of reads a quote and thinks, “Hmm, that would make a great pin.”  After the visual image forms in her mind, she sketches it out on paper.  Once Pooley is happy with the drawing, the paper is glued onto various metals, ranging from bronze to brass, copper to nickel silver.  The individual pieces are cut with a hand saw, soldered together and, if it is a pin, the pin back is added.  The finished piece is polished, and finally, if needed, vintage stones are put into place.

The initial written inspiration is not forgotten once the piece is finished.  A copy is actually included with each purchase, continuing to provide inspiration to the new owner.