Tim Kline

Coast Chimes
Roberts Creek, Canada

I am fortunate to have lived and traveled in beautiful places.  A childhood in rural Wisconsin, with fall colors, and the iced winters.  Quebec was home for a year, and France too, with extensive travels through scenic Switzerland.  I now live on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada, just a few minutes from miles of Pacific beach, and with the forest just out the back door.  The beauty of the world around me has greatly influenced my art.

After leaving Vancouver ten years ago, my work took a radical new direction.  I switched from charcoal and acrylic portraits to using beach stone, driftwood, local red cedar and copper, along with my own beach glass inspired artist-made glass.  I comb the beaches for the perfect stone, for just the right piece of driftwood.  I walk the forest and my eyes are open to anything that might call out to become part of one of my creations.

Turning the everyday into art is a pleasure.  For me, a wind chime does not have to be just about sound ~ after all, the wind is not always blowing.  A wind chime can be art, and so can a bird feeder or a table lamp.  I dream new ideas, and use my metal, glass and wood working skills to turn those dreams into reality.

There is great natural beauty here on the Pacific Coast, and I strive to bring some of that beauty to my own work.  I enjoy making things that make people happy.