Steve & Karen Korobow-Main

Main Glass Studio
Loveland, CO

My first contact with glassblowing was at Kent State University in the mid-seventies.  I have always been interested in texture and pattern, and had been exploring batik and fabric-dyeing techniques.  I took my first glassblowing class on a whim, as an elective, and was instantly hooked.  I’ve been blowing glass ever since.  My fascination with the intricate patterns of the natural world and my love of color are reflected in my work. I work in a series format that allows my ideas to evolve slowly as I explore the way glass of different colors interact.  Although a specific reference to nature is often intended, I enjoy the fact that people form their own interpretations.  What is important is to capture the viewer’s imagination.

Steve and I have been husband and wife, as well as business partners, for over 25 years.  After graduating from RIT School for American Crafts, I worked in porcelain for many years, handbuilding vessels and wall pieces.  As time passed, however, I became more and more interested in glass as a medium.  After completing a large body of work in cast glass, I am currently working with Steve on our Carved One of a Kind pieces.  Drawings of organic elements found in the natural world form the foundation of my designs, which I then translate into resist patterns.  I am enjoying the challenge of working on these highly-detailed, intricate pieces.