Sharon Finnegan

Finnegans Wake Custom Tables
Allentown, PA

The path from mural painting to creating these tables has not been a direct route.  It’s been more like one of those great conversations, moving spontaneously from topic to topic, keeping a common thread, but in the end, morphing into something altogether unexpected.

Over the years, I’ve explored scultpure, worked with studios as a decorative painter, been commissioned to do portraits, created logos, and have (under the name WallWorks) been painting murals for over twenty years.  In 2005, after moving from my home state of New Jersey to the Lehigh Valley, I had the good fortune of being introduced to, and mentored in, the little known Italian art of venetian plaster; a very old and very beautiful process.

A fusion of techniques and materials has resulted in my current Deep Blue “Sea”ries of Finnegans Wake Custom Tables.  I hope that you find as much fun and delight in viewing these pieces as I’ve had in creating them!