Sabra Richards

Sabra Richards Glass
Aurora, NY & Cadiz, KY

Kiln formed glass is the medium of the sculpture in which I presently work.  It has been an interesting journey learning and working several media and now I find the challenge of glass and combination of other materials, to enhance the glass very exciting.  I start with sheets of Bullseye Fusible Glass.  The method is very bold and direct.  I choose the color, individual ones and others layered to achieve other colors.  I create the design, adding and subtracting glass and, most importantly, adding cane and components made at the furnace, usually at the Corning Glass Museum.  Sixteen pieces of glass, formed into a block, fired and then put into the furnace, turned and heated until malleable, and then “pulled” into the cane that you see in my work.  Then I combine the finished glass with previously welded steel, or layers of metal or constructions for wall pieces.  The process is long and involved and wonderful to do.