Ruth Apter

One Hundred Horses
Port Townsend, WA

I am inspired by artifacts from ancient cultures, domestic and wild animals, the tiniest of plants to the tallest trees. What I create is a distillation of what I see. Playing with basic elements – clay, fire, wood, and wind – never disappoint me. As the artist I get to be “godlike” and create my own little universe.

The studio always calls and it is hard for me not to go out there every day.  My studio, located in the woods, is my sanctuary.  Surrounded by bird feeders, a pond, forest and fields, I work while listening to music or books on tape.  I think I have the best of all possible jobs.

Raku fits my personality and I love what I do.  Raku is spontanious spontaneous, capricious and is full of surprises.  It has an element of danger, which I am also attracted to.  There is no end to learning the ceramic arts.  I could live many life times and still be challenged. The fact that I am making a living doing raku is the greatest blessing of all.