Robert Hargrave

Plywood Sculpture
Tallahassee, FL

For me, sculpture represents possibility in life.  I am intrigued by the life of an idea as it travels from mind, to paper, and then transforms, given sensuality  through wood  to exist fully shaped in a space of its own. The idea, given form, now seemingly moves, interacting fully with the viewer in a shared dimension.  Life is movement, I want my sculptures to have a sense of movement even if they are stationary.

I was a child of the sixties, thus I chose the road less traveled. While an art student at the University of Florida, I began laminating and carving plywood. After all, plywood was readily available and my professor realizing I was on to  something gave me encouragement. Upon graduation in 1973, I made my way to Boston to live the life of an artist. My first experience of selling what I made was in the Christmas Store in Cambridge, then my big break was Rhinebeck in 1977. As my business continued to grow, I moved to the country in upstate New York, exhibiting in craft fairs all over the northeast. In 1995, I found my way back to Florida and settled into an artistic community in Railroad Square Art Park.   After four decades of working with my hands, I still find it challenging to create a well  crafted piece that will be  treasured by someone. I have remained true to my desire to follow the path of creativity and found support in the community of crafts. In an homogenous world of sameness, diversity is something to strive for and work toward. My goal is to make products that are a joy to look at, a pleasure to touch and an honor to own.