Richard Kolb

Yardbirds & Junkyard DogsDog on Hog
Louisville, KY

Richard Kolb and his father created the first Yardbird over twenty years ago in Jamestown, Kentucky.  Richard’s father spent most of his career making things from metal.  The first bird came about from the two of them talking about and tinkering with scrap materials.  People instantly loved them!  Today, Yardbirds are proudly handcrafted in Louisville, Kentucky.  New sources of parts from springs to spark plugs to mufflers continue to inspire new designs.  Their menagerie of birds, critters, dogs and cats has grown from one to over 300!

They also have added functional items such as salt and pepper holders, coat racks, key holders, pet feeders, flower pot holders, wine bottle holders and wall clocks.  New creations are added every six months.

Richard Kolb is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, a lifelong resident of Kentucky and a juried member of the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program and the American Craft Council.

It is pretty simple:  Yardbirds are really just about happiness!