Paul Anthony & Tim Jaqua

Anthony Stoneware
Burnsville, NC

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Paul Anthony and Tim Jaqua have operated Anthony Stoneware for over 45 years.  Both were educated in clay production at the University of Florida during the early and mid 1960s.  They are Designers by training and have the aptitude of liking to work and create.   Paul and Tim feel honored that their products enter their customers’ lives with the intent that lives are enriched, not only because of excellent craftsmanship and good design, but also the ‘heart and soul’ of handmade.

All of their products are hand made in their Western North Carolina studio using traditional techniques of wheel-throwing and slab construction.  They mix their own glazes and fire in a gas-fired kiln of their own making and design.  All of their outdoor garden products are “Winter Proof” by design.