Nurit Niskala

NuArt Jewelry
Londonderry, NH

Nurit is a native of Israel.  Her masterpieces are a combination of Israeli and Yemenite culture with a mix of those traditional techniques and her own special modernization of them.  This makes all her creations unique.

Nurit began designing and creating her multicultural jewelry 21 years ago.  She is not bound to any formal or classical forms and uses all types of high quality raw materials.  After weeks of painstaking experimentation, she develops production values that assure durability, as well as individuality in every piece.  Quality is her utmost concern, while making jewelry that remains affordable.

As a result of living many years in a culture overshadowed by conflict, Nurit strives to convey a sense of peace through the melding of many types of materials.  All of her creations are handmade with wonderful detail granted to each and every piece.  Her jewelry represents combinations of materials that would not otherwise be present together, such as leather and clay, or glass and resin.  A unique mixture of earth and fire colors brings every piece to life.  It is her strongest desire that the pieces she creates bring the wearer all the joy, pleasure and happiness she intends.