Inspired by Gillian Leigh Moser, this program is designed to encourage young artists to develop their craft and provide a real world taste of the business of craft. Twice each year, a Budding Artist will be selected to display and sell their work for no charge during a selected three month period (usually April through June and October through December).  Selection for inclusion and continuation will be at our sole discretion. Requirements:

Artist must:

  • be of primary school age (K-12);
  • be serious about their craft;
  • meet with selection committee to show and discuss their craft;
  • provide an artist Bio for promotional purposes (website, display, press release);
  • continually work to improve their craft;
  • continually produce items for display and sale during the quarter they are featured;
  • sign our standard Budding Artist Consignment Agreement, along with their legal guardian;

Budding Artists Program Participants:

Gillian Leigh Moser – 4th quarter, 2011 – first participant

Devon Stackonis – 2nd quarter, 2012 – second participant

Sabrina Kennedy – 4th quarter, 2012 – third participant

Kira Foss – May-July, 2013 – fourth participant

Eric Moore – 4th quarter, 2013

Lily Weber – May-July, 2014

Dan Faust – October-December, 2014

Due to extended close to renovate and ready our new location there will only be one Budding Artist for 2015.

Tori Burks – October – December, 2015

Mary Richards – June – August, 2016

Emma Ketterer – October – December, 2016

Gwen Farmer – June – August, 2017

Rachel Bodnar – October – December, 2017

To apply for participation in the Budding Artist Program, please submit the information below and upload or Email pictures of your work

We seem to be having issues with this form, so please also email all information to info@dancingtreecreations.com

Budding Artist Submission
Submission form for Budding Artist consideration
Enter the name of the school you are attending and the grade you are currently in or will be in at the start of the school year.
Describe the type of art you would like us to consider for your inclusion in our Budding Artist Program
Max file size is 20 MB. Upload pictures of your work