Inspired by Gillian Leigh Moser, this program is designed to encourage young artists to develop their craft and provide a real world taste of the business of craft.

Twice each year, a Budding Artist will be selected to display and sell their work for no charge during a selected three month period (April through June and October through December).  Selection for inclusion and continuation will be at our sole discretion.


Artist must:

  • be of primary school age (K-12);
  • be serious about their craft;
  • meet with selection committee to show and discuss their craft;
  • provide an artist Bio for promotional purposes (website, display, press release);
  • continually work to improve their craft;
  • continually produce items for display and sale during the quarter they are featured;
  • sign our standard Budding Artist Consignment Agreement, along with their legal guardian;

Budding Artists Program Participants:

Gillian Leigh Moser - 4th quarter, 2011 – first participant

Devon Stackonis – 2nd quarter, 2012 – second participant

Sabrina Kennedy – 4th quarter, 2012 – third participant

Kira Foss – May-July, 2013 – fourth participant

Eric Moore – 4th quarter, 2013

Lily Weber – May-July, 2014

Dan Faust - October-December, 2014

To apply for participation in the Budding Artist Program, please submit the information below and Email pictures of your work

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