BRANCH Members Program

Become a BRANCH member of Dancing Tree and receive valuable Branch Card Picrewards for shopping with us frequently.

Once the six slots on your card are filled, you will receive a store coupon equal to 10% of your total purchases.  Periodically we may run specials for BRANCH Members.  For example, we may provide a FREE slot so that you can earn your rewards quicker.  Be sure to like us on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss any of these opportunities.

Anyone who becomes a BRANCH member through the end of June, 2014 will receive a FREE Slot.

The following is provided as an example:

If your slots were filled in as follows:

Purch. 1  FREE; Purch. 2 $50.00; Purch 3 $25.00;
Purch 4 $123.50; Purch 5 $62.00; Purch 6 $33.00

Your total purchases would equal $293.50 and you would receive a Gift Certificate for $29.35.  The more your spend, the more you earn……the more you visit, the faster you earn.  It’s that simple.