Lynn Rae Lowe

Lynn Rae Lowe, Artist
Tucson, AZ

Lynn Rae is an award winning metal artist. Her works in bronze, steel, aluminum and copper have been sold at museums, galleries and gift shops around the world. Her highly contagious enthusiasm, creative flair and knowledge of the metal arts assisted Steve Kimble in creating the energy that became the Metal Arts Village. Recently, to great critical acclaim, Lynn Rae has developed a new technique to saturate aluminum panels with color that allows the metal to shine through as moving light rays.

In this new series the paintbrush is the relationship between the artists’ memory and the material being used.  For this reason the metal paintings are called “Inner Landscapes”.

The series is the result of Lynn Rae taking what she knows, color, and combining it with the media she has become most comfortable with, metal.

Stainless steel, aluminum or copper become canvases saturated with color and dancing with captured light.  Once completed with solvent dyes, the finished painting is then protected with a clear powder coat and baked to 400 degrees.

She dedicates this series to her favorite art professor and well-known watercolorist Bruce McGrew who advised “don’t paint the light, paint what the light does.”