Lyn Camella-Rich

Dancing Tree Creations, LLC
Boyertown, PA

Early retirement in 2007 from a rewarding corporate career has afforded me more time to fully pursue my life long fascination with art and nature.  What a gift to be able to focus my efforts on discovering the vast and ever changing array of images that inhabit my mind!  Additionally, I have been able to supplement my BA from Cedar Crest College with classes and workshops at the Baum School of Art and Cedar Crest College in Allentown, PA and The Goggleworks in Reading, PA.

Through the years, my art has taken many forms and has developed into a primarily abstract synthesis of my observations and personal revelations rather than an attempt to imitate reality.  I experiment and redefine images with the emphasis on color, shape and contrast.  The best way to describe this process is “play.”  If I am having fun, I know I am on the right track.

My current works are Sculpted “Dancing” Trees, Paintings and Drawings.
Sculpted “Dancing” Trees – Copper, bronze and aluminum hand twisted wire trees accented with cut and pounded metals, semi-precious stones, beach glass, and many other unusual items.

Paintings & Drawings – Vivid colorful images intertwining the “real” with the abstract – Multi-media, brush, pallet knife, and aerosol acrylic paints on canvas, fiber board, and other surfaces and pen and ink drawings.  Current Painting Series:

*”Hubble Bubbles” – Space and Mind Travels
*”Natural Escapes” – Mother Nature’s Colorful Moods
*”Geometric Expressions” – The Many Moods of Color and Shape

Now that the Gallery is up and running, I look forward to creating more diverse works.