Lily Weber

Boyertown, PA

Lily is our sixth participant in the Budding Artist Program

Lily states, “Change has been a constant in my life. New houses, new schools, new friends, and new interests. However one thing has been a sort of constant in my life; art. When I was younger it was coloring books and stick figures, but as I grew and experienced new things my interest in art grew as well. For a long time though art was simply another way to kill time. I didn’t get lessons or go to classes, I just filled up pages. Usually themed around whatever I was feeling or drawing inspiration from my family or other artists. Once in high school though I started to really think about my art and as my art teachers and peers began to take me seriously as an artist, so did I. I realized that art was more than just a hobby to me, it was a necessary part of my life. Soon enough I was signing up for more classes, getting advice from other artists, and joining clubs to really get my foundation solid; I tried and will try any medium at least once. However I’d always loved drawing and eventually fell for painting as well. They’re my favorite mediums to work with. That being said though I plan to go to college for graphic art rather than fine as I do love and enjoy graphic design and can picture that as a career. Even so fine arts will always be a part of my life and I hope to continue creating and selling new pieces. My pieces are generally consisted of people, plant life, and animals. What started as doodles soon became realistic and meaningful pictures. I try to incorporate my views and beliefs in some pieces, draw from my Indian heritage in others, or even tell a story. My story or my family’s. Life is the inspiration for my art.”