Laura Timmins

Swirl Stone
Bellville, WI

Many of the processes used to create these pieces have been invented in my studio, and are unique to my work. Colored and translucent polymer clays are blended and layered together to construct the intricate patterning in each piece. Patterns often contain gold or silver leaf, freshwater pearls and other inclusions embedded in translucent clay.

Patterned clay pieces are combined, creating a rich polymer collage. The collage is then sculpted into shape, using an internal wire armature for support when needed, and cured with heat. The spiraling design seen in many pieces is created by twisting the polymer collage between two glass sheets prior to shaping and curing.

The cured piece is sanded and carved to further refine the shape. Additional raw polymer may be added and the piece recured several times to achieve a complex form. Texture is often added to the piece using hand carved texture plates. Precious metal elements, freshwater pearls, hand twisted cords and other items are embedded in the clay.

The cords used in the pieces are hand twisted by the artist from a variety of fibers. Cords are often embedded in the raw polymer and cured together as one piece. Care is taken in choosing fibers used in each cord in order to create the exact color, drape and dimensions desired for that piece.