Kristin Hill

Tin Hill Pottery
Davenport, IA

Kristin combines her love of all things living and the natural world with her passion for creation in clay.  Working in this medium allows her to feel a close connection to the earth that provides the clay, and the inspiration for her beautifully detailed sculptures.  After fifteen years of working as an artist she never tires of beginning each new piece, from throwing a pot, (or canvas, as she often refers to them) to the developing ideas of what will reside on the top, side or even inside each one.

Raku is a creative and dramatic pottery firing technique that originated in Kyoto Japan in the 16th century.  It was first used widely to create ceremonial tea ware.  The typically heavy construction of raku ware allowed for the handling of hot tea when being poured or sipped.

Raku ware is characterized by its fragile, porous body and its irregular glaze effects.  The firing process of raku pottery is very different than any other pottery firing process, and for me, it is the most exciting way to fire.

Kristin also creates beautiful Polymer Clay Jewelry.  Each unique, one of a kind art jewelry item is skillfully hand sculpted using polymer clays and specialized sculpting tools. your art jewelry pendant ahs been placed on a comfortable 26 in. cord that can be easily adjusted to the desired lenth. When not being worn, your art jewelry can be simply repositioned through the eyelets on the framed card back, to be displayed and enjoyed as a beautiful work of art!