Karen Wolf

Karen Wolf Jewelry
Sinking Spring, PA

I have been expressing myself through art since early childhood.  I am told that one of my earliest works was a much unappreciated lipstick mural on the wall at the age of two!  I don’t remember any of that but after the mural I was encouraged to use crayons, finger paints & pencils on paper!  I have been drawing & painting for as long as I can remember.  At family gatherings relatives found it very entertaining to have me (as a very young child) quickly draw one animal caricature after another.  If only I could be that entertaining now).  My grandmother encouraged my interest in drawing and painting with an introduction to oil painting with a starter set when I was twelve.  She was, at the time, trying her hand at painting classes. 

Throughout my life I have experimented with soft & oil pastels, pen & ink, colored pencils, collage, oils & watercolors.  In the past several years, I have taken some silversmithing classes.  I have been designing & creating jewelry with precious metals, gemstones, vintage & artist made glass beads, incorporating my artwork into some of the pieces.  I am also using a material called precious metal clay to sculpt one of a kind jewelry pieces.  Precious metal clay is a clay with silver, bronze (or gold) particles suspended in an organic binder that burns off during a firing process, resulting in a solid piece of 100% fine silver, bronze (or gold).