Karen Robar

Free Wheeling Clay Creations
Douglassville, PA

Being artistic for me used to be just drawing and painting.  Growing up in Upstate New York most of my work depicted snow, animals and farms.  I still find myself inspired by nature.

When we moved to Kansas several years ago, I worked in a ceramic painting pottery.  This started my love of working with clay.  A few years later we moved to Pennsylvania and I found a small studio in Phoenixville.  I learned to throw pottery and made some small items by hand.  I loved to carve designs and let my imagination take its course.  I saved some of my early works to remind me how far you can come from making simple small objects to bigger more complex works.  After a short break I took even more classes and continued my passion.  My goal is to create unique items that make people say, “I haven’t seen that before!”

Enjoy my creations.  There will be many more to come.