Karen & Geoff Caldwell

Sunflower Glass Studio
Stockton, NJ

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Karen is the designer and Geoff is the craftsman.  Together they create beautiful windows and panels for houses and churches, as well as unique beveled boxes, picture frames, and decorative hangings among other designs.  Both Karen and Geoff have been fascinated with prisms and the way light is refracted through them since childhood. The hand beveled glass they create is the studio’s signature.  Thick plate glass is hand beveled, refined and polished.  This results in a myriad of refracting surfaces that split natural and artificial light into sparkling rainbows, creating designs with an ever changing fascination.  Geoff is self-taught in the craft of flat leaded glass, hand beveling and stone wheel engraving.  In recent years Karen and Geoff have also begun producing fused glass items.

Karen and Geoff have kept a century old tradition alive.  It is reminiscent of pre-industrial America, when artisans worked in small family centered businesses.  They have retained a closeness to their work that is increasingly hard to find in today’s world.