Jon I. Parker, PhD

JIP Woodworking
Barto, PA

I was inspired to do woodcraft at a very early age by watching and helping my father restore and create artful yet utilitarian furniture.  While working with my late brother Byron Parker in his remodeling business I learned that all wood has use and should not be discarded.  He knew its time would come again.  As an ESA Certified Professional Ecologist by training, I have a strong belief in the necessity for conservation and recycling.  I focus on creating unique woodcraft from recycled lumber and salvaged logs.  I have a reverence for the organic character of wood and find beauty in its natural defects, fungal staining, insect borings, and contorted growth patterns.  I try to design projects that best display woods natural beauty.  The limited quantities of my found wood generally allow construction of only “one of a kind” pieces or occasionally a limited edition of several items.  So, I appreciate what Mother Nature provides and try to use it respectfully.