Jan Wilcox

Luminosity Glass
Mount Tremper, NY

I am a self-taught glass artist of objects to wear or use, currently residing in the Catskill Mountains.

My pieces are handmade, fused, dichroic glass.  They are all one of a kind.  Each piece is composed of Stained Glass (or Art Glass) and Dichroic Glass (the luminous glass).  I take large sheets of glass, cut them into pieces, stack, and arrange them by hand.  Then I fire in a kiln at 1500 degrees Fahrenheit where the glass melts and fuses together.  Most pieces are made of at least 3-5 layers of glass.  Some also have 24-karat gold foil added to the design.  I love to simply sit in my studio, be present and allow the glass to seemingly arrange itself.  Upon removing the fused pieces from the kiln, I am always intrigued and delighted by the magical transformation that occurs when raw glass melts into unique, brilliant and explosively luminous universes of color and light.