Gillian Leigh Moser

Budding Artist – 4th Quarter 2011
Boyertown, PA

Blending an innate creativity with a cultivated appreciation for wildlife, Gillian Leigh Moser lovingly sculpts each animal by hand.  Go ahead … look closer.  You’ll be surprised at the minute detail this 11 year-old incorporates into each piece, from the scales on a fish, to the perfect little pinches in the crust of a piece of pie held by a wily raccoon. 

Gillian fostered an early appreciation for the animal kingdom while growing up on a local dairy farm, and she creates music on the viola and teaches through Living History with her family.  Though she loves to run and play, she knows where her talents and interest lie:  “I’m an artist, not an athlete…”

Gillian is the inspiration behind our Budding Artist Program!