Gary Guydosh

Gallery G Glass
Pittsburgh, PA

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Gary Guydosh is the glassblower and owner of Gallery G Glass, Inc. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After receiving his formal training at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, he returned to Pittsburgh where he and his wife opened the studio in 1998.

He demonstrates his art every working day, creating pieces for customers and for the gallery. At the back of the gallery is an area where chairs are set up so visitors can comfortably watch him work and see how he executes a vase, bowl or candlestick holder.

In addition, to sharing the history and tradition of blown glass with the public, Gary Guydosh enjoys experimenting with the never-ending possibilities that glass blowing allows. He uses monochromatic colors or a blend of vibrant colors to produce blown functional glassware, including vases, bowls, platters, ornaments, and lamps. Presently, he is exploring color and light more along with their relationship to the form. Glass is a unique medium where no two pieces are alike and one can never tell what will become of it next. His work continues to change as he grows and explores the world of glass.