Eunice Mutter

Media, PA

My work is mostly non-literal challenging the viewer to become involved in my many colorful suggestions – not realizations.  The media is often ink washes, ink, pencil or acrylic.

My development as an artist has ben one of exposure, searching and working,  The search is a constant one in producing imaginative creative works by eliminating the easily read image.  This causes me to use my technical facility as well as my inner self.  As I work I maintain a dialogue with my  work, working, re-evaluating and working again until the statement is finished.

My formal study background enabled me to make my art into a disciplined statement.  I hope you will enjoy viewing it.

Dorothy Graftly, Philadelphia art critic and editor, said in reference to Eunice Mutter’s ink works, “There is a subtlety in her handling of color and composition, as if she were challenging the viewer to share the creative process and evolve his own interpretations.

“The mutter world as revealed in her mixed media is pure fantasy.  It takes you into weird caves with suggestions of height and depth.  Its colors are tantalizingly luminous; seldom primary.  Its forms are suggestions – not realizations.”