Eric Moore

Boyertown, PA

Eric was our fifth Budding Artist

Eric states, “Art is something that has stuck with me all of my life. Never had I questioned whether or not I was supposed to become an artist. The question I always had in regards to becoming an artist was, ‘What do I want to create?’ Through my practices in drawing, painting, ceramics, and digital artwork it is hard to answer my own question because I am interested in so much. I started off with charcoal drawings and acrylic/ oil paints. One medium that truly inspired me later was ceramics. Today I am continuing my love of ceramics at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. I am still in the process of finding my personal style. Because of my background in so many mediums, I have acquired an interest in many different styles as well. Even still, regardless of what I make, I always push myself to become the best I can be at all that I do.”