Eric Moore

Boyertown, PA

Eric is our fifth Budding Artist

Eric states, “For as long as I can possibly remember I have been drawing.  In kindergarten I would have to miss recess because I’d rather work on my art than to go outside. Nowadays I found that art is my escape from reality. If I have a bad day or if I am going through a rough time art helps release any stress or pain simply because I get so focused on each art piece. I can get so focused that a few hours could pass by yet it would only feel like thirty minutes. Throughout the years I have acquired a skill for charcoal/ pencil drawings and portraits. Without this gift I wouldn’t be where I am today. As of right now I am trying to enhance my skills of landscape and building sketches. I am hoping becoming well rounded with all of these skills will increase my chances of getting scholarships to get into college for illustration and eventually get a job as an illustrator or concept artist.”