Ed Kidera

Ed Kidera Metal Sculpture
Woodbine, MD

Ed Kidera works with old steel cylinders, car, truck and farm parts to create unique pieces for the home and garden that are designed to last a lifetime or two.  His signed pieces that can be found across the United States and around the world.

In 1991, Ed combined his background in engineering, his love of art, a pair of old SCUBA tanks from his days as a PADI diving instructor, and his love of the garden into a bell sculpture for the backyard. For Christmas he created a handful of bells for family. Creating hardware was a welcome break from the software, and soon Ed found he could sell his work at local art shows. He was hooked.

By 1993, Ed was working fulltime creating his art from old cylinders and other old pieces. Soon he was making bells, bell stands, mailboxes and much more from recycled steel.

Much of Ed’s work is decorated using the same welding equipment and techniques used to weld the pieces together. He has created hundreds of different designs on the bells, mailboxes and other pieces. Ed uses steel, copper, brass and bronze to “draw” on each piece in a time consuming process that helps ensure that each pieces is unique. Each piece he makes is signed with his initials, the year it was finished, and an identification number.

Ed has spent his life designing and creating. He puts a little of himself in each original piece he creates.

Functional art to last forever.