Douglas Durkee

Infinity Art Furnishings
Burlington, KY

Once I was just a wish and then I was chosen.  At the time I was born, society found it unacceptable to be unwed and pregnant.  My biological mother felt she had not choice but to put me up for adoption.  When my new partents, Willard and Ruth, adopted me, I developed permanent stars in my eyes.  They made me feel very special becuase they consciously chose me to be their son.  As a constant tribute to their love and kindness, and to show my love for them.  I add my “lucky stars” to all my artwork.

In my studio I create unique home furnishings.  As a member of the National Association of Independent Artists, the Furniture Society and Kentucky Creafted, I take great pride in creating my unique artwork.  Each piece contains electric lights placed at various intervals in a highly refractive chamber to create sculptured light tunnels, or as one might say “my lucky stars.”  Since my work is constantly evolving, the materials also change.  Sometimes I use wood, stainless, laminate or aluminum, but always lights and reflective materials.

My work is my way of sharing my blessings and a “glimmer of infinity” with you.