Debra McIntyre

Debbie’s Character Dolls
Sparta, TN

I have been involved in art my whole life.  Sculpture was always my first love, working with different clays, fiber, whatever I could shape.  I am completely self taught.  I loved creating faces, beginning with soft sculpture.  Wanting to be able to put more expression into them, I began exploring different clays.  Polymer has all the qualities I was looking for in my sculptures.  The Characters begin with a loose concepts.  I “sketch” with clay-much the same as a 2D artist sketches with pen and pad.  As the character progresses it may go through many changes, but I try to let it emerge from the clay.  I will recreate a design, but the components are handmade each time.  I am constantly challenging myself to make the characters ever more expressive.  The theme of my work has changed since I began making the character dolls in 1995.  Living and exhibiting at fine are shows in South Florida definitely influenced my work and the Judaica theme was very well received.  I try to capture a moment in history, sometimes quite serious, other times just fun.  this has been a family business for 16 years.  I do the sculpture, my mom and I sew their costumes, and my son creates the bases and furniture for the characters.