Deb Hallacher

The HandmadePaperie
Reading, PA

Papermaking was an idea that came to me one weekend after a visit from our daughter, Sarah.  It all started in May of 2010.  Sarah came home from Brooklyn with six of her house mates to have a skill share weekend.  Each friend shared a skill or craft with the group.  For example:  Cell phone light photography, cooking, beginning Braille and basic guitar, to name a few.  Sarah shared a simple bookbinding technique, the pamphlet stitch, using colorful paper remains ranging from pieces of manila folder to discarded pages from a book.   When her skill share was complete she gathered the scraps of unused paper in a bag and asked me to please recycle them.

When the nest was empty again, I looked through the bag to be sure there was nothing there I could use when suddenly I had an “hmmm” moment!  I wonder if I could make handmade paper.  So, me being me, I immediately “purchased” a papermaking mould and deckle. No, I didn’t build it. I am way too impatient for that!

So it began! After a minimal amount of research I shredded the contents of the bag….every bit, and threw it by the handful into an old kitchen blender.  I added the water and blended on high until the slurry ‘looked right’.  Following the directions I had read I ‘pulled’ several sheets of paper, some in strange colors that I called Pepto-pink and grey flannel.  I was very pleased with the outcome and continued, perfecting my technique and collecting a library of books to learn more.

Now, it is with great pleasure that I present to you the paper and the items I create as I grow and learn!