Dawn White

White Dawn Designs
Pennsylvania Furnace, PA

Endeavoring in the creative process has always been a fundamentally imperative part of my livelihood and over the years I’ve worked in a variety of media including jewelry, stained glass, pottery, watercolor and acrylic painting, garden and landscape design, etc.

Having always been inspired by nature and its expressions in the landscape, I’m always searching for patterns and repetition in nature and am thrilled when I can find it in unexpected places.  A whimsical interpretation of nature is the golden thread running through all of my designs.

I am an experienced gardener, but also a gatherer by nature and enjoy expeditions that take me to forests, meadows, marshes and common roadsides throughout much of the year.  Most of the botanical specimens that I work with are not commercially available and so foraging is an integral part of my process.

My hope is that my collages will inspire people to observe nature more closely, reflect upon their relationship with it and help to nourish it in any way that they can.  In this light, I also teach “The Art and Science of Plant Pressing” and “Finding Pattern and Repetition in Nature” workshops.  I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and a Master’s degree in Horticulture.