David Sugich

Ultimate Reflections
Santa Barbara, CA

David Sugich’s first careers included musician and 3-D stained glass artist, which made for an excellent transition into the precision world of kaleidoscope art. Since (1992) David has created scopes using stained glass bodies and intricate mirror systems that continually evolve in new directions. Originally intrigued by a friend’s fabulous kaleidoscope collection, David challenged himself to refine new mirror systems, tweak new design ideas and generally explore new systems. Testing the retail appeal to collectors by showing his creations in a weekly art fair energizes and motivates him in his work. A member of the Brewster Society, a group of professional kaleidoscope makers and collectors, David is known to fellow makers as an “inspiration” and loves to talk about his work. Living in Santa Barbara with his wife and assistant, Nadereh, they are known to be among the best of the kaleidoscope makers in the country.

This is what David has to say about his wife, Naderah.

This started out as my inspiration to get into making kaleidoscopes and as the enthusiasm was infectious, she started working with me in a supporting role. We began by just selling them down at our art show, but once I sent a cover letter and a sample to Natural Wonders, we got a beginning huge order from them, and we couldn’t possibly meet the time frame, and we started needing to get very organized and hire people etc.. She took on that role and was amazing! Her organizational skills are just natural. In front of her can be chaos but behind her there is order in her path. She’s like a kaleidoscope in that way. Taking chaotic randomness and turning into something symmetrical and orderly. It was beautiful to watch. Plus she is beautiful! As we’ve gone along she started getting more and more into the business, and basically is the person who does all of the money stuff, but she also just makes my daily work a lot more easy. She’s amazing. Did I say that? Well, she’s amazing! The baby scopes are her design, and they’ve really taken off! She doesn’t toot her own horn either, but our business would not work without her.”