David Sugich

Ultimate Reflections
Santa Barbara, CA

I was born in Santa Barbara and have a musical and creative background.  I started making kaleidoscopes around 10 years ago after 15 years of working with stained glass art.  I am an active member of the California Kaleidoscopes Guild and the Brewster Society which is a nationwide society of creative Kaleidoscope enthusiasts.

My Kaleidoscopes are not your typical every day Kaleidoscopes.  Kaleidoscopes, as an art form, in the last 15 years has really taken off.  I’ve enjoyed being a part of this movement.  I make a variety of 2, 3, and 4 mirror Kaleidoscopes which are 2, 2.5, and 3 dimensional in nature.  I use domestic, U.S. made, colored glass as the decorative exteriors and  dynamically moving, sparkling oil for the object chambers at the end of the mirror system. My scopes create images reminiscent of fireworks, cathedral rose windows, outerspace and psychedelics.