Christine & David Aiken

Stones of Time
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

“Stones of Time” pieces are created with hand gathered fossils from the shores of Lake Erie.

The fossilized coral and fossilized sea-floor (flint) used in our art originated during the “Devonian Period”, over 350 million years ago, when what is now North America, was covered with salt water and coral reefs. Lake Erie’s shores are surrounded by Devonian Period fossils. Our fossils have been authenticated by Dr. R Brian Pratt – Professor of Geology – University of Saskatchewan and Dr. David Rudkin – Assistant Curator Paleobiology – Royal Ontario Museum – Queens Park Toronto. For the past 10 years, we have shown our unique pieces around Ontario and recently across the country.

Our clients are drawn to these one only pieces for their inspirational narratives and the connection between the present and our past. They embody the ties of family, life journeys, and community. Ancient energy emanates from the stones, to the works, to the clients.

The figures are built with balance and natural fit. The pieces develop their personality as they approach completion. A priority is to show the fossilized coral in the base rock to its best advantage. The marking on the flint is caused by water movement over time. When the piece is complete, words come, and the narrative is created. Each Stones of Time is a truly unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art.