Catherine Murphy

Haw Creek Forge
Ashville, NC

Each piece of work from Haw Creek Forge is handcrafted in their studio by 1-3 talented artisans.  They take pride in the quality and durability of each piece as they decorate yards and gardens across the country.  Each piece is hand cut, hammered and welded and will weather beautifully in the garden.  The artistically handcrafted copper garden art includes whimsical Roosters, Frogs, Snakes & Snails along with gracefully designed Praying Mantis, Dragonflies and Butterflies.

The simplicity of each copper piece is admired for the lovely finishes of UV resistant paint and patina, is clear coated for protection from the weather and to keep the finishes lovely for year to come.

A Word from the Artist
From working the high rise as a construction welder to building power plants and paper mills, I have managed to use my creative skills in the medium of metal. Attending craft workshops and numerous welding schools, led me to the beauty of copper. I was able to combine my technical skills and love of metal with my favorite school project as a child–creating an insect collection. Many creations later, my inspiration has grown to include all of nature, allowing me to find creativity and satisfaction in the work that has become my life.