Campania InternationalStudio Pics 006
Pennsburg, PA

Campania has an extensive collection – Please see the Cast Stone Collection of their Catalog. You can fill out a wish list on their site, or send an email to our wish list.

In its early years, Campania’s designs, under the artistic direction of Peter Cilio Sr., were based on traditional European historical precedents.  In time, however, Campamia looked beyond classic old world traditions and distinguished itself in the marketplace by developing unique and original copyrighted designs which demonstrate a uniquely American perspective.

Peter C. Cilio, Campania’s creative director, is now responsible for the creation and selection of the Campania product line.  His discerning eye, developed from a keen interest in garden design, architecture and art history, has proven an invaluable asset.  While Peter continues to explore and refine classic garden traditions in his designs, he is not afraid to innovate.  His introductions range from refined classicism to elegant whimsy, and from cutting edge modern to sophisticated country.  Since Peter is an avid gardener, he understands what is appropriate for garden art, especially texture, patina and the softening effects of age and weather.  This sensibility, combined with clean lines and a sense of proportion create the classic Campania look.

Campania’s creative team and contributors currently consist of Eddie Martinez, Pawel Mikoluk, Mary Smith, Ahmed Suliman, Ken Memoli and Fiona Jane Scott.