Brenda Wilton

Blandon, PA

I grew up in the woods of the Pocono Mountains, and one of my earliest memories is of my great aunt showing me trunks full of the family quilts.  She taught me to knit, crochet, tat, and make clothes for my dolls when I was very young.  By junior high, I was making most of my own clothing, 

A BA in Fine Art from Temple University, Tyler School of Art, followed.  I kept a flock of 60 sheep for about 10 years, spun, and dyed their wool.  I exhibited knitted garments and accessors at American Craft Council Shows and Buyers Market of American Craft, as well as other retail shows, and won awards at PA Guild of Craftsmen gallery shows.

My interest in clay from my college days then resurfaced.  I taught my husband, Steve Day of Petrified Forest, to make pottery and he was much better with ceramics than I.  I worked with him as a technical advisor and did production.  A couple years ago I felt the need to make our leaf pottery designs into jewelry.  I took courses in jewelry and fashion design at Baum School of Art.  Ceramic clay was too heavy for the work I wanted to do, and searching for a proper material, I realized that polymer clay would be perfect.