Beth Camella-Rich

Dancing Tree Creations, LLC
Boyertown, PA

Early retirement from a rewarding, but very stressful, corporate career has prompted me to try to determine what I want to be when I grow up.  My greatest obstacle is my impatient desire to see the end product quickly.  As with all handcrafted items, time is the most consuming element.  My impatience coupled with my multi-tasking capabilities, that grew out of necessity to be successful in the corporate environment, has afforded me the opportunity to explore many different interests.  I started with my life long fascination with glass.  Not only have I always been amazed at the versatility of glass…melting, molding, fusing and slumping….but also how different textures and patterns can be combined to form almost anything, including stained glass applications.  Although I first began by teaching myself, I then took several workshops (including many at the Goggleworks in Reading, PA) to provide me with a better understanding of the tools and methodologies of working with glass. I am currently working on what I call “Fancy Lip Fish”.  These are whimsical fish in many different shapes and colors with large pouty fish lips reminiscent of a child giving “fish kisses.”

I also enjoy working with various metals (including gold, sterling silver and copper) to make jewelry.  Contrary to working with glass, where you have to wait to see the end result (not seeing the true colors in the final product, for example, until the annealing process is completed and the glass is fully cooled), making jewelry provides both the challenges of creating unique items and a more immediate satisfaction of seeing the end product sooner.  Classes at Baum School of Art helped to explore this venue.  So, what do I want to be when I grow up?…..who knows, maybe I never will!