Steve Baldwin – Baldwin Toys, Omaha, NE   -   Handcrafted wooden toys for children and adults
Ron & Julie Flint – Mitercraft, Anacortes, WA   -   Wood bookmarks and rulers
Tom Gottshall - T. Sherlock, Gibraltar, PA   -   Twistee” Wood Hiking Stick and unique wood furniture
Gary GouldMadera Bonita Company, New York, NY   -   Exotic Wood Bowls, Vases, Canister and Salad Sets
The Great Alaskan Bowl Company -
Fairbanks, AK – Solid Birch Hardwood Family Tree Bowls
Robert Hargrave - Plywood Sculpture, Tallahassee,FL   -   Exotic Home Décor items of Plywood Sculptures 
Walter Jacobus & Barbara GreenbergWalnut Hill Crafts, Grassy Creek, NC   -   American Chestnut split rail fence vases and candle holders
Gunther Keil
Wild Apples, Trumansburg, NY   -   Handmade Wooden Toy Animals and habitats
Larry A Kern -
LAK Woodturning, Topton, PA – Woodturned decorative functional items
Nancy Koscheski and  Jean Schilling - N & J Enterprises, Bentonville, AR - Wood Kaleidoscopes
Stephane Marguerite - Wallaby Boomerangs, Montreal, QC, CN -   Handpainted boomarangs
Pat McBridePottstown, PA   -   Wooden Hats and Spinning Tops
Jon I Parker -
JIP Woodworking, Barto, PA   -   Locally Crafted Wooden Tables
Clair Sell - Clair’s Creations, Gilbertsville, PAWood Vases and Ornaments created using a scroll saw
Rob ShaferGilbertsville, PA   -   Locally Hand turned Wooden Bowls, Boxes, Ornaments and Vases
James S. Shott - J.S. Shott Design, Schwenksville, PA   -   Unique locally crafted cabinets