Anne Goddard

Copper Elements
Lincoln, NE

My work has evolved with time and I find myself currently working on a series I call Copper Elements. This contemporary style of work focuses on the warmth and beauty of copper. These new art pieces combine the richness of copper with round and half-round structures, as well as flat canvases, to create modern sculpture for the wall. Each piece incorporates a variety of copper elements (sheet, wire and mesh) that are textured and/or treated with a fire patina to reveal the wide range of rich colors copper can produce. Some pieces are also accented with specially treated, bold-colored copper wire. The Copper Elements series lets me relax, experiment with the metal, and explore a variety of structures, shapes and sizes.

When I finished my formal education at Meredith College in art, I was required to have a show, which included a written ‘Literary Statement’ describing my work. I struggled then just as I do now. I know there are literally millions of visual and experiential influences reflected in my art, but I am not driven by one or even several. I do know that the first few lines of my literary statement from nearly 20 years ago, still holds true for me today:

If you want to know who I am, listen, not to what I say, but to what I make. For it is in metal that I express what words do not. How do I write a ‘literary statement’; use words to state what only my metalwork can describe? I can’t. Each piece reveals my personal ideas, feelings, questions, conflicts and struggles at the time of its creation.