Aloha Bay

Lower Lake, CA

We realized after deciding to carry taper candle holders that we needed taper candles.  The search was on.  We wanted unique, colorful candles that were hand-crafted in the US.  After many hours of searching we finally located these colorful hand-painted paraffin tapers. 

We asked Aloha Bay, “Why Paraffin?”

Their answer, “In short, because it’s part of our tradition. Back in 1993, when our company was founded, we started out with a line of very decorative taper candles. We used paraffin to make them, just like every other candle maker at the time. Hardly anybody knew about vegetable waxes. So we keep them around, because they are a unique product. We even tried to make them out of palm wax, a superior wax in our opinion, but couldn’t make that work.”

We hope you like these unique treasures.