Aloha Bay


Lower Lake, CA

We realized after deciding to carry taper candle holders that we needed taper candles.  The search was on.  We wanted unique, colorful candles that were hand-crafted in the US.  After many hours of searching we finally located colorful hand-painted paraffin tapers.  Unfortunately, shortly after they switched to bees wax candles, only offering 8 of their colors, their color formula’s were lost during the 2015 CA wildfires, so we are not able to obtain anymore of their hand-painted candles.

We’ve expanded the line to carry Aloha Jars, which are all hand poured in their California facility.  They are the world’s first Rainforest Alliance certified candle line made of Eco Palm Wax sourced from certified organic palm groves in South America.

The decorative black wooden lid serves as a base for the jar. Just place the lid upside-down on your table and position the jar on top of it. Double cotton wicks for clean and steady burn.  Eight ounces each. Burn time is 40 hours.