Abagail West

Earth, Wind and Water Designs
Des Moines, IA

I, as an artist, feel that the beauty in a rock can be magnified in the right hands. I strive to bring to light, the beauty that millions of years has brought forth in a stone. My goal is to create art that is not limited to a wall or a nook in your house, but art that is free to express itself and your style in a glance. I create works of art that can be worn, so that the wearer can feel a sense of connection to the past and to the earth. With this connection I hope the wearer will feel beautiful and filled with pride. In this artistic pursuit not only will I release my artistic energy but I will have the amazing ability to pass that energy on.

Most of my work is done with gemstones. These gemstones may come in various forms, such as beads, cabochons or rough stones. Whether it is a rock on the beach or a precious gem, my goal is to turn each gift of nature into something that can be enjoyed and treasured. To complement the true beauty of a stone I also utilize various metals, clay and string components. My theme is never predetermined yet stumbled upon when surrounded by all the colors, textures and shapes that various beads and gemstones offer. I find inspiration in everything around me, but mainly within myself.

I strive to take my bead work to a new level, a level of artistic inspiration. I hope to accomplish this by learning new skills, including my new found love for metal working and most of all by doing what makes me happy. After all if there is no joy in it, is it still art?